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We are The Royal Bar and we have one goal: To provide the finest and highest quality of drinks and service to your next special event. We specialized in creative cocktails from the iconic whiskey sour and all the way to a smoked rosemary gin and tonic.

Let us serve you; weddings, birthday parties, new years bash any special event you can think of. These events should be a fun and memorable time. And we know that it can be stressful to plan and organize it all. Let us take that stress off your plate and fill up your glass with some fun.

We are located in the heart of the central valley. A hot spot for local breweries and craft cocktails and we will love to bring them all to you, we service the immediate area with no additional fee but we love to travel, so please contact us with any questions about your special event thank you.

Here at The Royal Bar we pride ourselves in quality and service. Our bartenders are certified with the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and certified through training for intervention procedures (TIPS). We want everyone to have a fun, safe, and memorable time. Responsible alcohol serving and the safety of your guests is our top priority. We reserve the right to refuse service of alcohol to intoxicated guests in the best interest of those involved. The Royal Bar does not condone drinking and driving and encourage guests who plan on drinking to have a designated driver or plan for a ride service pickup. Please drink responsibly.
We need some important information from you in order to give you an accurate estimate.  Once we have received your request, and all necessary information we will contact you with your personalized estimate for your event. If you would like to go forward with booking at that time, then you would need to submit your deposit to reserve your date and time. 

  • What is the date
  • What are the start and stop times
  • Where is the venue
  • How many adults of drinking age will be in attendance
  • How many minors will be in attendance (if we are supplying those beverages as well)
  • Which package you think would work best for you
  • What specific draft beer you would like
  • Any of our add-ons or additionial services you would like to add to your package
  • Any special requests
  • What specific craft cocktails you would like
As soon as possible! We have limited space for reservations on Saturdays and Sundays. Our calendar is already booking into late 2024 for weddings. Because space is so limited we require a non-refundable*** deposit of 50% of your total package cost to reserve your trailer/bar/Date at the time of booking. Your deposit will be applied towards your final payment. Your final payment is due a month before the actual event. Our trailer/bar is technically for rent but you’re paying for the bar tending service, our trailer will always be accompanied by one of our responsible, certified staff, we do not just drop off and pickup.

 With this package it includes are very own custom horse trailer built to serve your special event. YOU supply the kegs of your choice (up to 4) We will bring the trailer with its full system ready to pressurize those kegs and turn that beer Ice cold at the tap in a matter of minutes. (If you don't know where to buy or order the kegs you would like, we are more than willing to help you coordinate) We will supply the cups and service. We will also help you figure what size and how many kegs you need for your event based upon estimated amount of guests and servings. Remaining beer and kegs will be left for you after. This package also includes your choice of wine and spirits, we will help you figure out what cocktails you would like to have served.  We will create a shopping list that meets the requirements of your event with estimates for drinks per guest. You pick up the alcohol, and we will take care of everything else.
We will show up before to setup our trailer packed with cups, ice, water, soft drinks, juices, mixers, garnishes, and all the tools necessary to serve you and your guests premium cocktails. Once the event is over we will pack everything we brought but leave you with whatever remaining alcohol is left over.

With this package you get are custom bar, built to serve your most elegant parties. Suited with all the bells and whistles it comes fully loaded with supplies for all of are craft cocktails and beer.

One or more of these packages can be combined to meet the needs of your event at a special combined rate. Let us know how we can best take care of you.

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Specialty Cocktails

Dessert Drinks

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